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Ceespit containers

These containers are made as a waste surface tank, and also as accessories to a residential containers
The frame:

  • It is made from bent steel profiles of the thickness 3mm, with welded corner squares of 6 mm size or ISO – forgings and the openings for manipulation with the forklift truck

The sidewalls:

  • The side walls are made out of wrinkled metal sheet of thickness 1,5 mm.

The roof:

  • Self- carrying steel profile of thickness 1,5mm. The roof is reinforced by roof struts with a check opening and filling/draining slots

The flooring:

  • The flooring consists of smooth metal sheet by thickness of 3mm


  • For the base painting is used two-component epoxy paint. The upper finish paint can be selected from RAL sampler – card, from Germany manufacturer Lankwizer Lackfabrik Berlin.Interior paint layer is a bituminous paintcoat.